The growth of your business is based on the strength of your offering and the breadth of your customer base – and we can help you develop these.
Inspired by the iconic Baobab tree, we focus on the link between your objectives and how you communicate – and we deliver grounded, solid solutions that will endure.
We do this by working with you on plans that will
> strengthen the clarity and value of your offering,
> focus your market penetration and customer growth,
> build your profitability and value.
We have the expertise and networks to support you locally or internationally and our no-nonsense approach delivers results quickly.  Our clients appreciate our ability to help them clarify, plan and secure market positions that are profitable and sustainable.
Our approach combines big-picture thinking with a rigorous methodology.
We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our thinking.

Why Baobab?

The Baobab tree is native to countries across Southern Africa.  It is a big, strong tree with a massive root structure.  Its flowers are magnificent and its fruit is highly prized.  Sometimes known as ‘the tree of life’ or ‘the upside-down tree’, it stands out from the crowd.

The team at Baobab draws inspiration from these characteristics.  We believe in a grounded approach, original thinking and enduring results.

Does your business, your brand, need Baobab qualities?

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